Pentakan Face Cream

A cream with unique regenerating properties. 

Scientist-proven effectiveness

The main component of Pentakan is an extract from sea cucumbers. These aquatic inhabitants have an incredible regenerating ability. If the sea cucumber loses a limb, it quickly regenerates itself.

Research has shown that the beneficial sea cucumber extract also fights various imperfections, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins.

The development of Pentakan was carried out by scientists from Vladivostok. They are leaders in the research of sea cucumber, whose scientific works are recognized as the best in the world scientific community.

Discover the magic impact of sea cucumbers on your skin.

Complex Impact


The presence of carotenoids in the composition contributes to the rapid recovery of the skin.

Prevent Aging

Antioxidants in the composition save the skin from damage by active oxygen radicals. 

No Steaky Feeling

The fast-absorbing texture does not leave a sticky feeling on your skin after the usage. 


Ceramides in the composition maintain the moisture balance of the skin. 

Contains Vitamins

Contains vitamins A, E, C, amino acids and other useful substances. 

Clean Pores

There are no comedogenic ingredients in the composition so the cream does not cause acne.


Copes with redness and flaking caused by allergies 2-4 days faster than a synthetic analogue. 

The face cream actively fights against problems caused by pathogenic bacteria (acne and infections). You will notice the overall effect of the application within a month. 

In patients with dermatitis itching disappears on the first day of use, and after 4 to 5 days redness on the affected skin areas decreases. *

* The periods of effect on dermatitis are confirmed by the study of an extract from sea cucumbers.

It gets even better with time 

A particularly striking effect is observed in the people with dry, oily and problem skin.
In the absence of obvious problems, the effect of the face cream will be cumulative and will keep the skin in perfect condition.



One can of Pentakan replaces a significant part of the home first aid kit. The product acts simultaneously as a life-saving cream, a healing agent and a supportive daily care.

Delivery by mail within Russia is free. 


The sea cucumber extract, which is the main component of the cream, contains a minimum amount of protein compounds. Therefore, the cream does not cause allergic reactions. * 

The product is approved for use during pregnancy and on the skin of babies. 

* possible individual intolerance to certain ingredients. Apply the cream to the inside of your hand before use and wait 48 hours. 

Easy to purchase

No Delay

We promptly send your order. The package within Russia will reach your post office in 4 days. 

No Risk

We have a secure payment system installed. Your data is protected. 

No Comission

No additional commissions. We do not charge interest for cashless payments or other additional functionality. 

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Innovative and unique

The efficacy and safety of the sea cucumber extract has been tested in the leading scientific institutes of Russia. In 2008, Pentakan cream received a Gold Medal at the VIII International Innovation Forum in Moscow. 

And in 2019, the face cream became a laureate of «The Star of the Far East»  competition in the category Technological innovations.